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Are your kids failing to launch?


I can help you motivate and guide your teens and young adult children as they build their independence.


You have the power. I have the tools. 



Resources, courses, coaching and tools to help young adults and their parents manage the transition from teenager to adult.

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Are your kids failing to launch?


Resources, courses, coaching and tools to help young adults and their parents manage the transition from teenager to adult.

Show me what's available

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Michelle Arseneault

Are you worried your adult children will never be independent?


You're not alone. I can help.

I offer coaching, courses and programs to help families empower young adults to become independent and successful.

I focus on:

  • motivation
  • goal-setting
  • action-planning
  • accountability
  • communication

If we work together, your young adult can have this.


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I teach young adults how to take care of themselves and how to design and seek their own life path.


I help young adults build the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to manage their own life.


I help young adults learn how to set goals for every aspect of their lives and give them the tools to be able to achieve them.

Hi! I’m Michelle, a life coach, educator, and the parent of a successful young adult.


I want to work with you and your family to help you:

  • motivate your young adult child to seek their independence
  • stop enabling your adult child to remain dependent on you
  • gain confidence that your adult child can take care of themselves.


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Michelle Arseneault

What I offer

Coaching and Mentoring

I offer group and one-on-one coaching packages for young adults and/or parents to help with the transition to independence or to achieve an outcome of your choice.

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Make the NOW Better Program

The Make the NOW Better Program for Families is a unique online program that helps families with young adults who still live at home, make the NOW better.

Within about 4 months, without fighting, pressuring, or enabling each other, you can learn to live together peacefully and respectfully while the young adult begins to transition to being independent. The program includes over 40 online lessons, a workbook, and bi-weekly online group coaching sessions with me.

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Life Journey Membership 

Designed for teens and young adults. Membership gives access to a growing collection of life skill mini courses and lessons, resources and tools to help teens and young adults begin to live independently.

They will learn skills like how to: get their first job, cook for themselves, live with roommates, and manage their money.

Membership also includes a community spot to hang out with people who are in the same life-stage, periodic live online group coaching sessions and webinars with guest experts who will talk about things that are relevant to today's young adult. Try it for free for 7 days.

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