Is your teen ready for their first job? Take this quiz now.

Nov 6 / Michelle Arseneault
As your kids enter their teenage years, you'll start to see glimpses of the adults they’re becoming. Part of that transition often involves them getting their first job. It's a rite of passage, right? But you might be asking yourself whether your teen is ready to take this step. Don't worry, we've got a plan to help you figure that out.

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Instructions: Answer each question thinking about your teen's recent behavior and attitudes. Be as honest as possible for the most accurate assessment.
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1. How often does your teen complete their chores without being reminded?
A) Always
B) Sometimes
C) Rarely
D) Never
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2. When given a task or project, does your teen demonstrate an ability to manage their time effectively?
A) Yes, they're quite adept at managing their time.
B) Occasionally, but they might need a reminder or two.
C) Not really, time management is a consistent issue.
D) No, they always seem to be scrambling at the last minute.
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3. Does your teen communicate well with others, including adults?
A) Yes, they articulate their thoughts clearly and with respect.
B) For the most part, with occasional lapses.
C) Communication is a challenge for them, especially with adults.
D) They avoid conversations and often misunderstand instructions.
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4. How does your teen handle conflict with siblings or friends?
A) They approach conflict calmly and look for solutions.
B) They can get heated but usually come to a resolution eventually.
C) They tend to hold grudges and avoid addressing the issue.
D) They react impulsively and often need intervention to resolve conflicts.
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5. Can your teen follow a budget or handle money responsibly?
A) Absolutely, they're a regular mini-accountant.
B) Somewhat, but they sometimes make impulsive purchases.
C) Rarely, budgeting doesn't seem to stick with them.
D) Not at all, money burns a hole in their pocket.
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6. Does your teen show up on time for school or appointments?
A) Always early or right on time.
B) Usually on time, with occasional tardiness.
C) Often running late.
D) Time-keeping is a foreign concept to them.
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7. Has your teen expressed a clear interest in a specific job or career path?
A) Yes, they have very specific career aspirations.
B) They have a general idea but nothing specific.
C) Not really, they haven't shown much interest.
D) No, they've expressed no interest in working at all.
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8. Does your teen demonstrate independence in completing schoolwork or projects without your help?
A) Yes, they're highly independent.
B) Sometimes, though they may ask for guidance.
C) Seldom, they often need prompting or assistance.
D) No, they won't do it unless I'm involved.
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9. How does your teen respond to constructive criticism or feedback?
A) They welcome it and use it to improve.
B) They listen but may not always take the advice to heart.
C) They get defensive but will come around eventually.
D) They take it personally and often react negatively.
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10. Does your teen have experience with volunteering or working in some capacity, even informally?
A) Yes, they volunteer/work regularly.
B) They've had a couple of experiences.
C) Only once or twice.
D) No, they've never volunteered or worked.
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11. Can your teen handle multiple tasks and prioritize them effectively?
A) They're a multitasking wizard.
B) They manage alright but sometimes get overwhelmed.
C) They struggle with juggling multiple tasks.
D) They can't handle more than one task at a time.
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12. How well does your teen adapt to new situations or environments?
A) Like a fish to water - no problems at all.
B) With a little time, they usually get comfortable.
C) They're hesitant and often resist change.
D) They become stressed and want to avoid new situations.
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13. Is your teen willing to commit to a job schedule, even if it means less time for socializing or hobbies?
A) Yes, they understand the commitment a job entails.
B) They might grumble, but they'll commit.
C) They’re reluctant and would need frequent reminders about their schedule.
D) No, they prioritize their leisure time above all else.
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14. Has your teen taken any initiative to learn about job hunting, such as writing a resume or practicing interview skills?
A) Yes, they're actively preparing and researching.
B) They've shown some interest and have made a start.
C) Not much, they expect to just "figure it out" as they go.
D) No, they haven't taken any steps at all.
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15. Overall, does your teen demonstrate a mature and responsible attitude that would reflect well in a workplace?
A) Consistently, they're very mature for their age.
B) Mostly, with occasional lapses typical of teenage behavior.
C) Inconsistently, they often still behave immaturely.
D) Rarely, they have a lot of growing up to do.
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Score A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D = 0 points

Add up your total points to see how ready they are.

Follow our parent's guide to help prepare your teen for their first job.

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