Use the SQ3R Method to study

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Life Skill
  • Author: Michelle Arseneault
  • Level: Beginner
Course overview
Learn how to apply a proven method of studying that will actually help you learn the material, not just memorize it.
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Who this course is for

This course is for you if:
  • You tend to cram for tests and quizzes and then forget everything after the test.
  • You want to improve your grades.
  • You are getting ready (or are in) college/university and want to get great at studying.
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Course Lessons

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Michelle Arseneault

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My daughter really struggled in middle school when she started having to really study. She'd cram for a quiz only to forget everything at the end of the term when it came time for the bigger tests.

The SQ3R method was the answer. With this method, students actually learn the material so there's complete understanding and no forgetting. This course walks you through how to use it.
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