Hey Parents

Do you not encourage your teen to cook because you worry they will hurt themselves or your home?

Teen chopping vegetables
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Yep. Your teenager will likely cut their fingers while chopping veggies. They will burn themselves. And a small kitchen fire is a reasonable assumption too. But how much better will it be that you are there when it happens the first time to help them through that?

Or better yet, why not prepare them for the inevitability that an accident will happen so they know what to do?

Here are some strategies and resources that might help.

Strategies and Resources

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Lead by example

Demonstrate safe cooking habits yourself. Children often learn best by example, so consistently practicing safe cooking behaviors will reinforce their importance.

Test them on kitchen safety

If you are concerned about letting your teen cook independently, establish and test their knowledge and application of kitchen safety practices to help ensure they are prepared and responsible enough to handle cooking tasks on their own. Here are several key safety practices and areas you can focus on: