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Does your teen lack motivation to get a job?

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Is your teenager or young adult is always coming to you for money? Do you worry that maybe you're not teaching them to become financially responsible?

It can be a tough situation when your kid doesn't show any interest in getting a job, especially if it wasn't something they thought about earlier on. But don't worry, it's not impossible to tackle.

Here are some strategies and resources you can check out that might help.

Strategies and resources

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 Set clear expectations.

Sit down and have a real talk with your teenager about money and how they need to begin to take responsibility for themselves.

Let them know what you expect, whether it's that they get a job or find other ways to contribute to the household expenses.

And make sure they know that you won't be giving them as much money over time, which might actually motivate them to do something about it. It really helps to set a deadline too. Something like, "Come next January 1st, I'm no longer going to pay for your phone."
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 Try incentivizing a job search.

You could bribe them. Seriously. Offer incentives for reaching job search milestones, like submitting a certain number of applications or attending interviews.

The incentives should be meaningful to your teen. Some will want to earn money. Some will want a new video game. You know your kid best.

 Model positive behavior.

Its really important for you to show the value of hard work and responsibility through your own actions and choices in life. You know, it's pretty common for teenagers to copy what they see happening around them. So, let's remember how influential we can be and make sure we're setting a good example!

 Explore different potential careers together.

When teenagers begin to think about different careers they might have or think about their passions or what they might want to learn in college, it can motivate them to want to enter the workforce, even if it's not in their intended future career.

Encourage your teen to learn about as many different potential careers possible.

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is a great place to start. Keep coming back. We are constantly adding new careers.

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