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Does your teen lack motivation to learn to cook?

Mom and daughter cooking together
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Teaching teens to cook is really important for their health and financial security. It can also be fun, not to mention tasty! But what if your teen has zero interest in learning how to cook? How can you convince them its in their best interest to get good at it?

This lack of motivation can be due to a preference for convenience foods, a lack of confidence in cooking skills, or simply not recognizing the value of cooking.

Here are some strategies and resources that might help.

Strategies and Resources

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 Set clear expectations.

Sit down and have a real talk with your teenager about the importance of eating healthily and contributing to the work it takes to keep the family fed.

Let them know what you expect
, whether it's that they learn to cook for themselves for when they leave home or that they begin taking on some of the cooking chores for the household.

If you are expecting them to take on some of the cooking chores (because you should!), it can help to set a deadline for when that will begin. For example, "I will teach you how to cook a few meals and beginning on January 1st, you will be expected to cook family dinner every Saturday."

 Make it fun!

Use social media as a way to peak their interest. Make videos of you teaching them cooking basics and upload them to TikTok or YouTube.

You never know... at the very least, your kid will learn a new skill, and if your videos take off, you could begin to earn a second income together.

 Let them explore what a Chef career looks like.

Chef career path card

Career path: Chef

 Watch cooking shows together.

Try to find a cooking show, either on television or on YouTube, that you can watch together. There's something about watching these shows that makes you hungry and almost dares you to give it a try.

Funny options I recommend:

 Appeal to their desire to save the world.

Food waste in a bin

Effortless ways to cut back on food waste in your daily life

With the costs of living on a steady rise, most of us are searching around for ways to cut back on our day to day expenses. From recycling to gardening to learning about meal planning, there are dozens of ways that we can make small changes in our lives to help lower costs.