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Does your teen believe what they're learning on social media over what you're trying to teach them?

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Teens can be influenced by their peers and social media trends in their spending habits, which may conflict with the principles of wise money management being taught at home.

Here are some strategies and resources to help with that.

Strategies and Resources

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 Teach critical thinking

Encourage your teen to think critically about what they see on social media, especially regarding consumerism and lifestyle portrayals.
30-day Challenge

Teach your teen critical thinking skills

 Provide financial education

Educate them about financial responsibility, budgeting, and the long-term impact of spending decisions.

Use resources like books, online courses, and financial literacy programs to bolster their education.

 Monitor social media use

Stay engaged with your teen's social media use. While respecting their privacy, discuss any concerning trends or behaviors you observe.

 Have open discussions about peer influence

Regularly talk with your teen about how peer pressure and social media can impact spending habits. Understanding these influences can help teens make more informed decisions.