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Does your teen have unrealistic expectations?

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If your teen thinks they should hold out for a higher salary or only wants to work on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, they're not alone. This seems to be a growing mindset of young people lately.

The thinking is commendable but the sense of what to expect can be unrealistic. We'll be the first to raise our hands in support of the fight for more money and work-life balance. But when it comes to many first jobs... it's common for them to only pay minimum wage, offer part-time hours, and sporadic schedules. 

Here are some strategies and resources you can check out that might help.

Strategies and resources

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 Give them a reality check about minimum wage.

Sit down with your teen and a computer (their phone works too) and do these things together:
  • Look up what the minimum wage is in your area
  • Look up apartment costs in your area
  • Work out how many hours they would have to work each week to afford an apartment
  • Go on the Indeed website and look at entry-level jobs. Note what they are looking for in terms of experience and/or degrees.

 Discuss the importance of gaining experience and working their way up.

Encourage your teen to value any job they get as a stepping stone to their next job, eventually building toward a career they can be passionate about and one that will raise the ceiling on potential earnings.

Tell them about your first few jobs. What did you hate about them? What did you learn from them?