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Do you fear your teen will have difficulty balancing school and work?

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Are you worried about how your teen can possibly balance their time between their schoolwork, a job, socializing and extra-curricular activities?

Yeah. That's a concern. But it's possible for some teens. You can help them find a balance so they learn independence while maintaining their grades, friendships and developing other skills.

Here are some strategies and resources you can check out that might help.

Strategies and resources

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 Help your teen develop time management skills.

Learn the tools and knowledge to effectively guide your teens in mastering time management skills.

This online course is designed to help you, the parent, help your teenager (or young adult child) develop the skills they need to be able to manage their time properly so they can succeed in life and maintain balance.

Take this course at your own pace from anywhere.
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Online course

From Procrastinator to Productive

How to help your teen master time management

Is your teen ready for their first job? Take this quiz now.

 Encourage a realistic schedule.

Your teen might think they have to forego time with their friends or their favorite hobby in order to work while they go to school. And, if your teen struggles with their schoolwork, a job might not be the best solution for them right now.

You can help them make a realistic schedule so they can still do the things they love, keep sane, and start gaining their independence. Work shouldn't be the only thing they do outside of school.

 Monitor their workload and stress levels.

You should keep a close eye on your teen to make sure they are handling the added pressure of work.

Some signs to look out for:
  • Withdrawing from social or favorite pastimes
  • Irritability (more than the normal early morning grumpiness)
  • Calling in sick to work or school often

If you notice any of these changes, talk to your teen and help them find a healthy balance that works for them. Not every teen can handle the added stress.

 Give them a planner.

Download and print as many copies of each planner template you (or your teen) need.

Our planner template includes monthly, weekly, and daily calendar templates, budgeting sheets, workout planner, etc. Includes 21 pages. Size - US letter.

Use it to help them plan their time visually, which makes it much easier to maintain a balance.
Annual planner printable template card

Annual Planner Template

Download a printable planner you can customize for your needs.